Yoga Treatments

Cures Asthma and Allergy within 7 days through Pranayama
Cures Blood Pressure through Pranayama and Ayurvedic Medicines
Cures Cholesterol through Yoga, Pranayama and Dieting
Cures Ulcer and Acidity through Yoga, Pranayama and Ayurvedic Medicines
Cures Skin Diseases, Varicose, Eczema and Blood Impurities through Kriyas and Shad Karmas
Cures Gas Trouble and Constipation through Yoga and Pranayama
Cures Tension, Fear and Anger through Pranayama and Meditation

Specialized Yoga Treatments

For Cancer, Heart Block and Diabetics

Guaranteed Yoga Treatments

Reduces Obesity and Pot Belly
100% Result in 7 days without Medicines, Starving, Strict Dieting and Side Effects
Adds Body Height
4 centimeters in 1 month and special exercises to gain up to 4 inches
Adds Body Weight
Body weight gain treatments for underweight persons
Relieves Back/Neck/Knee Pain
Fast relief from the pains which affect your active life

Psychiatric Treatments

Relieves Mental Pressure, Tension,
Fear, Anger through Counseling, Yoga,
Pranayama and Meditation

Acupressure Treatments

Alternative medicine technique derived
from acupuncture for healthcare

Traditional Ayurvedic Treatments

For all kind of ailments especially for
Rheumatic arthritis

Traditional Ayurvedic Medicines

Specially prepared Food Supplements and Lehyas for immunity, strength,
health and vigour
Specially prepared Ayurvedic Oils & Kuzhambu for rheumatism and body pains
Specially prepared Medicated Oils and Thailas for facial beauty and body care
Specially prepared Hair Olis for beautiful hair and hair care
Specially prepared Choornas for cough related diseases
Specially prepared pure natural honey

Poshana Shastra (Nutritional Science)


Bhakshana Shastra (Food Science)


Dina Charya (Daily Routine)


Rahasya Oushadha (Secret Medicines)

Rudraksha Vigyan (Facts about Rudraksha)

Rudraksha with various facets


Rudraksha – Sandal Garlands, Nagadanthi, Ganga Jal